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The time will come that you no longer need your baby carrier. Give your baby carrier a new life, so the story continues!

Send us your old baby carrier and we will take care of the rest. And because you give your baby carrier to someone else, you will receive a  voucher between €15 and €83 as a thank you!

Follow the steps below to return your baby carrier:

  • PackingPut your baby carrier in the original box or other packaging.
  • Your data

    Add a note with your name, email address and phone number.

  • Personal message

    Optionally add a nice text for the next user of your baby carrier. Do you no longer have the original ticket? Download it here.

  • Send your baby carrier

    Send your baby carrier, including details and personal message,  to the following address:

    ByKay Marketplace
    Kruisbergseweg 44a
    6601 DD Wijchen
    The Netherlands

  • Baby carrier received

    We  wash /check / repair / iron / repack the baby carrier and decide the new sales value for the Marketplace. This is between 30% and 70% of the original value.

  • Receive your coupon

    You will immediately receive a coupon of 50% of the new sales price, with a minimum of €15.
    (If it turns out that your baby carrier is worn out, we recycle it and send you a €15 coupon anyway).

  • ByKay sells your baby carrier

    We wash, check, repair, iron, repack and sell your carrier to a new happy owner!

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