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A baby wrap is tied around your baby like a perfectly fitted cocoon, wonderfully soft and a great fit.

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If you don't mind tying a long cloth of more than 4 or 5 meters, then a sling is perfect for you. Whether you choose a Stretchy Wrap (stretchable) or Woven Wrap (woven, non-stretchable) depends on a number of things.

Do you like to tie first and then put your child in the carrier? Do you like to feel the comfort of a stretchy fabric around your body? Do you want a sling that fits seamlessly to your body and moves along with you and your child? Then go for the Stretchy Wrap.  To be used from day 1 to approximately 10-18 kilos / 22-39lb .

If you prefer a sturdy fabric, that you can also use fot back carrying and you don't have a problem wrapping your child when holding it? Then a Woven Wrap will suit you. To be used from day 1 to approximately 23 kilos / 50lb.

In these wraps you carry your child in the most natural (ergonomic) position at front, hip or back (with the woven wrap) and you can wear it as long as you and your baby like: there is no time limit.

And really, it may seem a bit complicated at first, but almost everyone who tries it doesn't find it that difficult afterwards!


- is recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute
- is OEKOtex 100 certified
- is certified according to European standards EN13209-2 and CEN / TR 16512
- is certified according to the USA standards ASTM and CPSIA and ISO


- German Design Award 2019
- Junior Design Awards Silver 2017
- Best Baby an Toddler Gear Gold 2017
- LBP Winner Silver 2017
- Product of the year 2014/2015
- 2010

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