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Advice about wearing

Once your baby is born, you realize that he’s rather helpless. He can’t drink on his own or keep himself cool or warm. As a parent, you are the most important person to your newborn: without you he won’t survive.

Whenever you are out of sight, your baby will be frightened or panic. Just like a newborn monkey sticking to his mom from the minute he is born, looking for safety, security and warmth. Because the baby is close to the mother all the time, she recognizes his signals of joy, anger, grief or hunger very easily.

 From a practical point of view this way of carrying is not always possible for us humans, because of work or other activities where you can’t take your baby. During daytime when spending time with your baby you also have to clean the house, do the laundry or shop for groceries. And when there’s other children around you’d want to spend some quality time with them as well. Imagine doing all these things with your baby in a baby carrier? You can do whatever you want or have to do and your baby will feel very comfortable: ready to discover the world around from a very safe position close to you!

 Out of all baby carriers, which one is best for you and your baby? There are so many different carriers so how do you know which one to choose?

We would like to help you a little by giving you a few options.


Baby carriers can be divided into 4 categories:

• The Sling                   ( knot)
• The Baby Carrier      (click carrier)
• The Mei Tai               (prepared body carrier)
• The Ringsling            (one-shoulder carrier)

 All of these carriers are ergonomic and can be used from the first day your baby is born.

 Just knot

• If you don’t have a problem tying a cloth of more than 4 meters to create a cozy cocoon for your child, then a sling is perfect for you. Whether you choose a Stretchy or Woven Wrap depends on a few things: do you like to tie first and then put your child in the carrier? Do you like to feel the comfort of a stretchy fabric around your body? Do you want a sling that fits perfectly to your body and moves along with you and your child? Then the Stretchy Wrap is your best option. Would you prefer a sturdy fabric you can also use for back carrying and you don’t have a problem wrapping you’re child when holding it? Then a Woven Wrap will suit you. Knotting may seem a bit complicated at first, but you’ll find out it’s not hard at all!

 Click & go

• Do you want to get on the road quickly? The Click Carrier makes you go fast! You just click & go! These carriers are ‘preformed’ and can be adjusted in several ways depending on the size of your child. With an extra strap for the Click Carrier Classicor Reversible or with buttons and pull cords for the Click Carrier Deluxe you can easily customize your carrier. The Click Carrier can be used from day 1. With a Click carrier you carry your child in front or on your hip or back.

 In between

• You like to knot but you don’t want the hassle of knotting a long sling? The Mei Tai might be your perfect fit! A preformed model which you put on by tying: you can knot as tight as you like it!. This baby carrier can also be used in front, on the hip and back.

 Super fast

• Do you want a carrier for short trips and ‘just in case’ moments? Then choose the Ringsling! You can easily take it with you and when you need it take it out of your bag, put it over your shoulder and put your baby or toddler in. Your toddler wants to take a walk by himself during a trip? No problem with this a-symmetrical carrier: you can take your child out and put him back in as often and easy as you both like.


Want to know more about our different carrier systems? Watch our videos or check the instruction newspaper.You can also always contact us for expert advice.

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