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The ByKay Mei Tai is an ergonomic baby carrier in babyfriendly cotton. This baby carrier is also known as thé hybrid carrier.  The Mei Tai combines the best of two worlds: the comfort of a wrap, the ease of a buckle carrier. The carrier has a prepared body and you only have to knot it.  You carry  your baby or toddler ergonomically in front, on your hip or back. The Mei Tai is adjustable in different ways, which allows the carrier to grow with your child from baby (newborn) till toddler (4 years). The Mei Tai Deluxe has wide shoulder straps, so you can easily spread the weight. This baby carrier has a perfect fit for every age.

The Mei Tai Deluxe has some extra’s comparing to the Mei Tai Classic version: a padded waistband, a sleeping hood (which you can roll up for extra neck support) and a free set of padded shoulder straps that will give extra support for heavier children and back carry.

The MyKay Newborn is a carrier fit for even the smallest newborn and can be used up to approximately 6 to 9 month. The baby carrier is made of 100% muslin cotton and is comfortably soft. The carrier offers optimal horizontal neck support to your baby, for it’s tightened under your armpits.

The MyKay Newborn is the best choice if you want to get acquainted with baby wearing: it’s easy to use and the soft fabric offers all the comfort and optimal support for your newborn child. The muslin fabric feels soft on the skin, keeps the skin dry and prevents irritations from rubbing or friction.

- is recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute
- is OEKOtex 100 certified
- is certified according European Standards EN13209-2 and CEN/TR 16512 
- is certified according USA Standard ASTM and CPSIA and ISO 

- German Design Award 2019
- Junior Design Awards Silver 2017
- Best Baby an Toddler Gear Gold 2017
- LBP Winner Silver 2017
- Product van het jaar 2014/2015
- Famili.fr 2010

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