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Baby carrier AQUA Carrier • Black

The ByKay AQUA Sling is a stretchy carrier for in the water. Safety first:  this water wrap is the best choice for you and  your baby in the shower, in the swimming pool and at the beach (98% UV protective).

Stretchy Wrap-new-black-WEBDraagdoek AQUA Carrier Black Afwerking BykayDraagdoek AQUA Carrier Black Met Model In Douche ByKay
Draagdoek AQUA Carrier Black Met Model Voorkant ByKayDraagdoek AQUA Carrier Black Knoop BykayDraagdoek AQUA Carrier Black Met Model Zijkant ByKay



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product information

ByKay AQUA Sling: the carrier for using in the swimming pool, in the shower or at the beach! Taking a shower safely or splashing in the swimming pool with your baby while your hands are free? To the beach and have your baby protected against radiation?  It’s possible with the ByKay AQUA Sling. This asymmetric, one-shoulder carrier is made of fast-drying, soft fabric and it enables you to carry your baby in a safe and comfortable way in the shower or on the (slippery) swimming pool floor.  

In the shower

Most babies love taking a shower with mummy or daddy. And often you simply lack time to enjoy long bathing ritual. Taking a shower together can be done simply and safely with the ByKay AQUA Sling. You carry your baby in the carrier on your hip or belly and go in the shower just like that! Because you’ve got your hands free, you can wash your child easily. The sling holds it firmly! Because the carrier is made of stretch fabric there is sufficient space to wash your baby (and yourself) properly. Also this way of showering is great for baby’s who have to get used to water: being close to mummy or daddy they feel safe and secure!

In the swimming pool

The ByKay AQUA Sling is also great for swimming! No hassle with inflatable tires or rings, the carrier is safe and comfortable in the water so  your baby gets a chance to get used to the water while being close to you. Coming out of the water you can just leave your child in the carrier, there is no need to hold it while walking on the (slippery) swimming pool floor. Also, you will have your hands free to support or help your other children. The ByKay AQUA Sling is made of very special fabric that dries in an instant.

At the beach

A day at the beach? Out of the water the ByKay AQUA Sling has all the advantages of a ‘normal’ carrier. Next to that, the fabric of the ByKay AQUA Sling protects your baby against harmful UV radiation; it blocks a 98%!

Listing the advantages:

- Comfortable and safe for both you and your baby, in as well as out of the water - Your baby does not become heavy or slippery in the shower - You’ve got your hands free to wash yourself and your baby – or for your other children in the shower or in the swimming pool - Getting used to the water: your baby can safely get used to a new situation - Be safe on the slippery (swimming) pool floor - Made of 100% polyester, so fast-drying - The fabric hardly absorbs any moisture - Best protection against harmful UV radiation - Can be washed in the washing machine (40 dg C). Do not tumble dry - Can be used from the first day up to toddler’s age and as long as it feels comfortable.


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Check our baby carrier instruction videos or our instruction paper for more information.  


  • AgeFrom birth to about 2 years
  • SizeOne size fits all
  • WeightTo about 15 kg
  • Carry positionAsymmetric one-shoulder carrier
  • FabricOEKO-TEX certified fabric, 98% UV protective
  • CertifiedASTM certified product
  • Material100% PE (Polyester)
  • With70 cm