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Baby carrier Ringsling • Travel Green

Sold out
  • B-choice because the ByKay label is missing from this product!

    Other than that, brand new and nothing wrong with it.

    Ideal for traveling as it measures only 21 x 13 cm and weighs 170 grams.

    At the airport, on the plane, on the beach and the mountains, but also when shopping and during city trips... this little helper is handy always and everywhere.

    The traveler Ringsling can be used from day 1 to 15 kilos.

    • AgeFrom birth to about 4 years
    • WeightTo about 15 kg
    • Carry positionFront in and hip, Asymmetric one-shoulder carrier
    • TypicalSmall and leight
    • Includingquick-dry and lightweight fabric
    • FabricOEKO-TEX certified fabric
    • CertifiedASTM certified product
    • Material100% Polyester
    • Length200 cm
    • Width70 cm
  • Watch the instructional videos below or download the instructional newspaper.

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