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Baby carrier Click Carrier Classic • Ribbed Velvet Chocolat Brown


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The ByKay Click Carrier Classic is an ergonomic baby carrier made of soft retro rib. Carry your baby ergonomically in front, on your hip or on your back. 

The ByKay Click Carrier Classic  is an ergonomic, very comfortable buckle carrier. Carry  your baby  ergonomically in front, on your hip or on your back. This buckle carrier is perfect when you like quick and easy: you just Click & Go! 

The Click Carrier Classic has a waistband that rolls up, this way you can shorten the carrier body for newborns. This baby carrier is easy to use,  from newborn  to 3 years  and definitely has the looks! The Click Carrier will be delivered with a separate connection strap, for back carry, or use the strap to adjust the width of the carrier body for newborns. The smart loops at the end of the strap hide any left-over straps. You don’t need any help attaching the Click Carrier Classic. It is a very easy baby carrier. 

  • AgeFrom birth to about 2 years
  • WeightTo about 15 kg
  • Carry positionFront in, hip and back carry
  • TypicalSmart loops, to hide any leftover straps
  • Carrier bodySeparate connection strap for back carry, or to adjust the width for newborn
  • IncludingSleeping hood, also for extra neck support
  • FabricOEKO-TEX certified fabric
  • CertifiedASTM certified product
  • Material85% PE, 12% PA, 3% SP

Watch the instructional videos below or download the instructional newspaper.

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