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B-Keuze Stretchy Wrap Deluxe Baron M


The Stretchy Wrap Deluxe from ByKay is stretchable and the most commonly used wrap for newborn babies, because newborns feel wonderfully secure in it. Just like in the belly!

This cloth was found to have a weave defect after it was produced. There is a very small tear in it, which has been repaired. All this does not affect the safety or comfort of the cloth.

Don't give this fine cloth a chance!

This unique stretchable fabric is just a bit firmer than the stretchable cloths from our standard range. A pleasure to tie!

A must-have at your layette! The ByKay Stretchy Wrap Deluxe is an elastic, soft, ergonomic baby wrap, which you can carry on your hip or in front. It is the best used baby carrier for newborns, because it makes them feel safe and cozy. As if they were in your belly again!

The cotton fabric feels so soft and comfortable, you don’t want to take it off. You can carry your baby as long as you both like it. Carrying the best natural way has no time limit. Most people will use a stretchy wrap until about a year, but if you like you can use the Stretchy Wrap Deluxe until 18 kg. The more basic Stretchy Wrap Classic is smaller and can be used until 10kg (1 year). 

The first time using a baby wrap and tying it can be a little awkward and uneasy. But when you watch the instruction videos on Bykay.com and you practice a couple of times, you will get the hang of it very soon and feel confident in no-time. “It is not as complicated as I thought it would be!” is what we often hear.

  • AgeFrom birth to about 4 years
  • WeightTo about 18 kg
  • Carry positionFront in and hip
  • TypicalVery suitable for newborns
  • FabricOEKO-TEX certified fabric
  • CertifiedASTM certified product
  • Material92% Cotton / 8% EA
  • LengthSize L: 5,50 m
  • Width70 cm

Watch the instructional videos below or download the instructional newspaper.

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