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À propos de ByKay

The creation

Wraps and baby carriers used to have a dusty image. Nowadays they luckily are a part of everyday life. ByKay has tried and helped to gain popularity for babywearing with fashionable designs and new developments. Kay Poelen is the founder of ByKay. She's mother of four (Nouk, Mik, Sep & Yip) and really needed a sling or wrap in her life. The only thing missing was a somewhat trendy and ergonomic design. So she made one herself. Her sling quickly became an indispensable item of the household.

More and more wraps

Nouk used to sit in the stroller while Mik was carried in a stretchy wrap and later on in a woven wrap. His safe spot while exploring the world. From then onwards Kay started making and designing wraps as gifts for people in her neighborhood. When she was pregnant with Sep, she started with her 'entrepreneurship' and ByKay was born! All of Kay's children loved the sling and wraps. Kay carried them around at the office, from school, to home, to her meetings, behind the computer ... everywhere!


Over the years, Kay Poelen developed her very own fun style of natural parenting. Early on, she discovered the many advantages of using a baby carrier: skin contact, security, a practical way to have your child close while keeping your hands free. She brought an age-old method of baby-carrying into the 21st century, by designing fashionable, comfortable baby carriers made of high quality fabric. In fact, ByKay designed a complete range of ergonomic baby carriers, so there’s a perfect for everybody’s needs.

ByKay's dedication serves only one purpose: to have as many babies and parents enjoy a more relaxed way of life using a baby carrier!

Our goals and dreams

The ByKay team is expanding rapidly. It consists of profesionals that take care of the quality, service and creativity. The most important thing to us is putting your baby first and to make sure that there is a suitable carrier for everyone. 

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