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Buckle-up • travel conveniently

Praktischer Reisegürtel zum Befestigen Ihres Kindes während eines Fluges, einer Taxifahrt und mehr.

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What do you do when you travel with your child but can"t take a car seat? On the plane the challenge begins to keep your child safely on your lap, then a bus, taxi or train to your final destination. With the Buckle up you keep your child familiar and comfortable on your lap, the alternative to a car seat.

The Buckle - up is compact and very easy to apply. The spacious adjustable abdominal belt is made of a car belt belt and has an aluminum buckle, similar to the buckle in an airplane.

The padded area around your child's chest and abdomen is comfortable, soft and width-adjustable.

Working behind a desk or eating together at a table is also practical because the hands are free to work. Larger children can also sit on a chair with only the Buckle - up without the danger of falling off.