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By combining the experiences of satisfied users with our unique ideas and inspiration, we develop our range of baby carriers. We never stand still and are always looking for better, more beautiful and more convenient! Sometimes there is simply no place for a certain color or version of baby carrier in our standard collection. It then moves to our outlet collection!

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In the ByKay outlet collection you will find baby carriers that have all safety and quality requirements. They are models that have had to make place for renewed copies in a different color or model and that we can offer at a competitive price.

The models in our outlet collection are the last pieces. The assortment varies. So take a look regularly, who knows you can still get that unique last copy!

- is recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute
- is OEKOtex 100 certified
- is certified according European Standards EN13209-2 and CEN/TR 16512 
- is certified according USA Standard ASTM and CPSIA and ISO 

- German Design Award 2019
- Junior Design Awards Silver 2017
- Best Baby an Toddler Gear Gold 2017
- LBP Winner Silver 2017
- Product van het jaar 2014/2015
- 2010

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