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Whichever product you choose, you always wear your baby completely ergonomically!

The woven wraps are very suitable for summer, you only wear a single layer of fabric over your child. The Hydrophilic Minty Gray and Mouse grey is extra airy and absorbs moisture well, but the Linen blend of our Denim look is also very suitable for warmer weather.

The soft Rib fabrics can be found with our Click Carrier Classic, a very simple but nice click carrier. Ideal if you want to get out quickly, just click & go! The rib fabric looks warm but is not .. the inside is lined with cotton so no rib fabric against your child.

The MyKay is made of hydrophilic fabric and therefore also very suitable for the warmer periods. The fabric is very soft and absorbs moisture well. Ideal to get acquainted with wearing.

Are you going for a swim or to the beach? Then the AQUA carrier or AQUA sling is something to take with you. These carriers are made of Polyester, just like your own swimsuit, so dry very quickly. The fabric also offers 98% protection against UV radiation. Go for a refreshing dip in the water or take a nice walk on the beach while your child takes a nap.

Tip in warm weather! It can be very nice against sweating skin on skin to place a hydrophilic cloth between you and your baby, it is soft, does not stick and absorbs moisture. Always keep a close eye on your child to prevent the risk of overheating.


- recommended by the Hip Dysplasia Institute

- is OEKOtex 100 certified

- is certified to European standards EN13209-2 and CEN / TR 16512

- is certified according to the USA standards ASTM and CPSIA and ISO


- German Design Award 2019

- Junior Design Awards Silver 2017

- Best Baby an Toddler Gear Gold 2017

- LBP Winner Silver 2017

- Product of the year 2014/2015

- 2010

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