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Sample Ringsling Jacquard Pepper

  • This ring sling is unique in its kind. The fabric was designed by Kay herself and is inspired by the spicy food that Kay really appreciates.

    The Durable Jacquard fabric is of high quality.

    The ring sling is completely new.

    This sample was made to assess the fabric quality and print.

    Ultimately, the color and design are not included in our range, but it is a unique opportunity to come into your possession.

    New price €104.95

    • AgeFrom birth to about 4 years
    • WeightTo about 15 kg
    • Carry positionFront in and hip, Asymmetric one-shoulder carrier
    • TypicalSmall and leight
    • Includingquick-dry and lightweight fabric
    • FabricOEKO-TEX certified fabric
    • CertifiedASTM certified product
    • Material100% organic cotton
    • Length200 cm
    • Width70 cm
  • Watch the instructional videos below or download the instructional newspaper.

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