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MyKay Newborn • Summer Dots

Sold out+ 3 colors

Color range

  • Minty Grey
  • Mouse Grey
  • Sand Waves
  • Summer collection 2020! Summery color, summery fabric ...

    The MyKay Newborn, the best choice for newborns: the ease of a baby carrier, but the comfort of a sling!

    The MyKay Newborn is a carrier fit for even the smallest newborn and can be used up to approximately 6 to 9 month. The baby carrier is made of 100% muslin cotton and is comfortably soft. The carrier offers optimal horizontal neck support to your baby, for it’s tightened under your armpits.

    The MyKay Newborn is the best choice if you want to get acquainted with baby wearing: it’s easy to use and the soft fabric offers all the comfort and optimal support for your newborn child. The muslin fabric feels soft on the skin, keeps the skin dry and prevents irritations from rubbing or friction. There are two colors available: The MyKay Newborn Minty Grey and Mouse Grey.

    The MyKay Newborn is available in two models: the one without the buckle and the half buckle, which you can click in the back, offering great convenience to the user..

    • AgeFrom birth to about 6 to 9 month
    • Carry positionFront in
    • TypicalVery suitable for smaller children
    • FabricOEKO-TEX certified fabric
    • CertifiedASTM certified product
    • Material100% muslin cotton (2 layers)
  • Watch the instructional videos below or download the instructional newspaper.

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