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Baby carrier Mei Tai Deluxe • Stonewashed

The ByKay Mei Tai Deluxe  is an ergonomic baby carrier made of sturdy denim. The Mei Tai combines the best of two worlds: the comfort of a wrap, the ease of a buckle carrier.

MeiTaiDeluxe-Stone-1Babydrager Mei Tai Deluxe Stonewashed Zijkant BykayDraagzak Mei Tai Deluxe Stonewashed Slaapkapje BykayBabydrager Mei Tai Deluxe Stonewashed Extra Schouderpads Bykay
Babydrager Mei Tai Deluxe Stonewashed Voorkant BykayMeiTaiDeluxe-Stonewashed close up schouderMeiTaiDeluxe-Stone-WEBMeiTaiDeluxe-Stonewashed close up slaapkapje



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The ByKay Mei Tai Deluxe is an ergonomic baby carrier in sturdy denim. This baby carrier is also known as thé hybrid carrier.  The Mei Tai combines the best of two worlds: the comfort of a wrap, the ease of a buckle carrier. The carrier has a prepared body and you only have to knot it.  You carry  your baby or toddler ergonomically in front, on your hip or back. The Mei Tai is adjustable in different ways, which allows the carrier to grow with your child from baby (newborn) till toddler (4 years). The Mei Tai Deluxe has wide shoulder straps, so you can easily spread the weight. This baby carrier has a perfect fit for every age.

The Mei Tai Deluxe has some extra’s comparing to the Mei Tai Classic version: a padded waistband, a sleeping hood (which you can roll up for extra neck support) and a free set of padded shoulder straps that will give extra support for heavier children and back carry. The denim jeans fabric gives the baby carrier a sturdy look. The linen blend feels warm in the winter, and makes sure it is comfortable and cool in summertime. Moreover, linen is very durable!

Isn’t this the carrier you are looking for? Check our complete range of ergonomic baby carriers. Do you rather want to start with a basic wrap? We also have stretchy and woven wraps. Are you in doubt whether to choose a prepared buckle carrier or a wrap? Than perhaps our hybrid, the Mei Tai, is a good carrier for you. And you choose the Ringsling for quick and easy: hop on, hop off!

Check our baby carrier instruction videos or our instruction paper for more information.


  • AgeFrom birth to about 3 years
  • WeightTo about 23 kg
  • Carry positionFront in, hip and back carry
  • TypicalShoulderpads for extra comfort
  • FabricOEKO-TEX certified fabric
  • CertifiedASTM certified product
  • Material48% linen, 52% cotton (denim)
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